Impartial expert election monitoring and electoral assistance

Since 2012, the Executive Director of has been directly involved in international election observation and electoral assistance, including in Kosovo, Ukraine, Republic of North Macedonia (then known as FYRoM), and Turkey. Since then, established its own election monitoring capabilities.

At we specialise in non-partisan, independent, impartial monitoring and assistance throughout the entire electoral process, and always follow international best practice. Our core area of focus is observation of security service provision throughout the electoral process.

Independent expert observation of the full spectrum of security provision throughout the electoral process

In 2017, immediately following the release of the Guidelines for Public Security Providers in Elections by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), launched a unique initiative to observe elections across the OSCE region explicitly in the context of the implementation of the guidelines.

We were the first organisation to develop a comprehensive observation methodology, based on OSCE best practice and guidelines, to monitor full-spectrum security provision through the electoral process, including public security providers, private security companies, and other non-state and/or informal security actors.



Guidelines for Public Security Providers in Elections

The OSCE ODIHR Guidelines for Public Security Providers in Elections is available for free download directly from the OSCE website here. The guidelines are based on applicable international obligations and standards for democratic elections, with a particular emphasis on OSCE commitments, as well as international good practice. By developing election observation methodology in this area, these guidelines aim to ensure that assessments of the role of public security providers during an election are carried out in a professional and consistent manner.

Election Observation Missions

Since 2012, we have been heavily involved in election observation and electoral assistance missions (EOMs) across the globe, including over 15 separate election operations with OSCE field operations, OSCE ODIHR, EU, and other missions, including:

  • Ukraine, Presidential Elections 2019, OSCE ODIHR

  • Turkey, Parliamentary and Presidential Elections 2018, OSCE ODIHR

  • Kosovo, Local and Mayoral Elections 2017, second round, EU

  • FYR Macedonia (now North Macedonia), Local Elections 2017, second round, OSCE ODIHR

  • Kosovo, Local and Mayoral Elections 2017, first round, EU

  • FYR Macedonia (now North Macedonia), Local Elections, first round, 2017, OSCE ODIHR

  • Kosovo, collection of votes operation for Serbian Parliamentary Elections 2016, OSCE

  • Ukraine, Local Elections 2015, OSCE ODIHR

  • Kosovo, Gračanica/Graçanicë Municipal By-election 2015, OSCE

  • Kosovo, Serbian Bosniak National Minority Council (NMC) Elections 2014, OSCE

  • Kosovo, Assembly of Kosovo Central Elections 2014, OSCE

  • United Kingdom, Accredited Observer Organisation, Electoral Commission

When deploying to international missions, we always seek full, formal accreditation from the respective recognised national institution(s). This is non-negotiable, both when sending our experts to EOMs with other organisations (OSCE, ODIHR, EU, civil society EOMs, etc) or when conducts standalone EOMs.


Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in having an expert from as an officially accredited observer, particularly for the monitoring of the compliance with the guidelines regarding security service providers, then please contact us directly at or by using the form below to discuss further.

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