About us

Founded in 2007, stabilisation.eu is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan, charitable organisation, with international scope, providing free-of-charge safety, security, and risk consultancy to civil society organisations and charities.

All of the work undertaken by stabilisation.eu is pro bono (English: “for the public good”). This Latin phrase sums up our purpose perfectly: We provide commercial-quality professional services, which are always undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Unlike traditional volunteerism, our work uses the specific skills of highly qualified and experienced professionals to provide services to those in charitable, humanitarian, and civil society organisations who are otherwise unable to afford them.

With this, the team at stabilisation.eu pride ourselves on doing the utmost to help right across the globe, in places where our skills are required and can make a positive impact.

Mission: To deliver high-quality pro bono professional safety and security services to charitable and civil society organisations who work in development, stabilisation and humanitarian settings across the globe, and who otherwise could not afford such services, in order to help them perform their work safely.

Vision: A vibrant and sustainable civil society across the globe, which is able to undertake their humanitarian work safely and securely.

Focus areas: Supporting organisations who care for the sick, injured, and disabled; young people at risk; the elderly; the homeless or displaced; and all other vulnerable persons affected by situations of emergency, disaster, disease, and/or conflict.

Values: Humanity, impartiality, integrity, independence, respect for human rights, sustainability.

Organisations we have worked with operate all across the globe, including Australia, Barbados, Canada, Greece, Kenya, Kosovo, Malawi, North Macedonia (formerly FYR), Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, and more.

We are a Small Charity by definition of the Charity Commission, and protected as an international non-governmental organisation by European Convention. We work with our partner, the International Foundation for Safety and Security in Elections (IFSSE), for all election observation and assistance matters.

We are a Member Charity of the Small Charities Coalition, and have been awarded the Charity Excellence Framework quality mark.

Founder and Executive Director

James Michael Wilson BA MA MSc

Founder, Executive Director, & Principal Expert

James founded stabilisation.eu in 2007, and has been undertaking pro bono consultancy in stabilisation, safety, and security ever since — in parallel to a successful career in international affairs and diplomacy, including with the OSCE, EU, NATO, OPCW, government, civil society, and private sector. See more.




Ross McKenzie MA

Trustee and Director of Communications

Ross McKenzie joined the stabilisation.eu team as a Trustee and Director of Communications. Ross is a public affairs and policy specialist, with experience creating and influencing legislation and policy at national and international level.

A communications specialist, Ross is able to create effective and strategic communication plans and materials.  He is the currently Head of Public Affairs at a FTSE 250 company, having previously worked in the House of Commons, the Scottish Parliament, and the European Parliament.


James Craggs MA

Trustee and Treasurer

Since 2002, James Craggs has been working in the international banking and finance sector, including at managerial and director levels. He brings this extensive experience and knowledge to the team both as a Trustee and as the charity’s Treasurer / Director of Finance.


stabilisation.eu is continually building a network of Associates with skills in international stabilisation. If your background is relevant to our work, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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